An innovative tin explorer and producer,
we’re on a focused mission for diversified growth.

  • Our History

    Listed on the ASX in 2009, Elementos Ltd has a long tradition of management excellence, locating high grade tin projects and in leading progressive thinking about tin as a positive, yet little known resource.

    Chris Dunks was recently appointed as Executive Director after successfully negotiating a merger between Elementos and Rockwell Minerals, and the original deal to purchase the Cleveland Project in Tasmania, Australia.

  • Responsible Tin

    Like any ethical mining company, Elementos Ltd is committed to the safe and environmentally-conscious exploration, production and transport of tin resources, regardless of where it operates in the world.

    Led by an experience-heavy management team and Board, Elementos is positioned as a diversified tin platform, with an ability to develop exciting projects in multiple countries.

  • Tin Shortage

    Elementos is well-positioned to help bridge the significant shortfall in tin supply in the coming years. This shortfall is being partly driven by increasing global interest in renewable energy and electric vehicles.

    Currently tin stocks are near historic lows, and these are predicted to fall below the two weeks supply/consumption ratio.

    There is a 40,000 tonnes per annum shortfall in global tin production forecast by 2020.

  • Tin Technologies

    In 2017, more than 5,000 scientific papers and tin technology patents were published, which demonstrates a strong future for this metal.

    Energy uses and technologies are the strongest new use drivers, with tin additions to lead-acid batteries and solder used for joining solar cells already benefiting.

    Over the next decade tin has many opportunities in lithium ion and other batteries, solar PV, thermoelectric materials, hydrogen-related applications and carbon capture.

Elementos Board of Directors

Andy Grieg
Andy Greig
Non-Executive Chairman
Chris Dunks
Chris Dunks
Executive Director
Corey Nolan
Corey Nolan
Non-Executive Director
Calvin Treacy
Calvin Treacy
Non-Executive Director

Elementos Management Team

Chris Creagh
Chris Creagh
Chief Executive Officer
Duncan Cornish
Duncan Cornish
Company Secretary & CFO

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