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    Elementos Limited LogoA diversified production and exploration tin company with assets in mining rich jurisdictions Spain, Australia and Malaysia

Elementos Limited is looking to fill a major gap in the tin market.

With initial tin production scheduled to start by 2021, we are anticipating to meet some of the forecast global tin supply shortfall of 40,000tpa.

Our three projects under negotiation and future development will give Elementos a solid international footprint towards growth.

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Tin has been recognised as one of the most positively impacted metals in new technology applications. The value of tin is forecast to increase significantly in coming years as a result of a global shortfall in supply.

Operated by an experienced Board and management team, we aim to create greater volume of production through our multiple projects, leveraging smart vertical integration to move away from concentrate only production methods.

Elementos is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

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Working on 3 synergistic projects in Australia, Spain and Malaysia, Elementos is positioned to take advantage of anticipated future growth in the global value of tin, in line with a supply shortfall.


Cleveland Tin Mine Tasmania Australia

In pursuit of high-grade tin reserves

Our experienced management and exploration teams are constantly searching for high-grade tin reserves.


Tin ore Elementos Limited tin mining and production

Information for investors

Our whole organisation is focused on making smart management, exploration and development choices.


Drilling tin mining Elementos Limited

Diversified projects for a growth path

The expected global tin shortfall presents a massive opportunity for Elementos. Find out more about our current project activity.



If you have any questions about our projects or investing in our ASX-listed company, please contact us.

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