Stage 3 –¬†Underground Redevelopment


Cleveland was an underground tin and copper mine operated by Aberfoyle Limited between 1968 and 1986. During the life of the Cleveland operation, Aberfoyle mined and processed from the semi-massive sulphide orebody 5.7M tonnes of ore and produced approximately 24,000 tonnes of tin and 10,000 tonnes of copper in concentrate. The mine closed in 1986 due to a rapid decline in tin prices caused by the collapse of the International Tin Council. At the time, Aberfoyle was a major operator in the tin and tungsten mining industry with four operating mines in Australia.

Elementos has over 6.6Mt of Mineral Resources defined today. In addition, Elementos has defined, in a separate deposit, accessible from the same underground infrastructure, approximately 4Mt of porphyry hosted tungsten (WO3).

Underground Mineral Resources