The Company plans to build a Processing Plant as part of its Stage 1 development plan. The plant will initially reprocess tin-copper tailings at a rate of 650,000 tonnes per annum. The plant will be upgraded to treat hard rock tin-copper ore for Stage 2 (open pit mining) and tin-copper-tungsten for Stage 3 (underground mining). Process water will be sourced from historically disturbed areas, such as the historical run-of-mine (ROM) pad and tailings dams, and recycled water from the Tailings Storage Facility. This will assist with mitigating the impacts of rainfall run-off from historically disturbed areas. There is more than sufficient rainfall to meet all water demands.

Figure: Processing Plant design with 650ktpa capacity.

The power supply will be from an existing on-site mains power supply that also supplies Savage River. Discussions with TasNetworks indicate that the transmission line that cuts across site is a combined 110 kV/22 kV line. Stage 1 supply will be taken from an existing 22 kV overhead line adjacent to the proposed Process Plant. TasNetworks has confirmed that adequate capacity exists in the 22 kV system to cater for the estimated maximum demand of approximately 2.7 MVA for Stage 1.

Voice and data communications will be serviced by the Mt Cleveland mobile phone tower, which provides full 4G-network coverage across site.

Figure: Plant location showing available power infrastructure and sealed road access.

The concentrate products will be transported in 24-tonne closed containers. For Stage 1, approximately two to three containers of concentrate (72 tonnes of concentrate) will be shipped per week. Containers will be transported by road to the port of Burnie. Access to the site from Burnie will be via the following major sealed roads: Bass Highway, Massey Green Development Road, Ridgley Highway and Waratah Road.

A container ship currently runs between Melbourne, Burnie and King Island and returns once a month. At the Port of Melbourne, the containers will be transferred to a larger vessel for shipment to Asian countries with a smelting and refining capability.

Figure: Port of Burnie, Tasmania – less than 60 Kms from the Cleveland Mine